360 HR Works provides end to end, full cycle and holistic strategic HR practices for organizations that believe their human resources drive their success. At 360 HR Works, I believe the system starts with an integrated approach to business solutions that is driven by the vision, mission and values of the organization and that the health of any organization is impacted by the health of its human resources.

At 360 HR Works, my goal is to ensure your human resources are the best fit for your organization, and that your organization is equipped to maintain and enhance the performance of your greatest potential asset – your people.

From on-boarding to off-boarding, 360 HR Works can examine your policies, processes and systems, looking to streamline wherever possible through the lens of personal empowerment and organizational success while ensuring adherence to all employment legislation and financial bottom line.

I believe that by giving your people your very best, and providing them with what they need in order to give you their very best, your business will thrive.

At 360 HR Works, I can’t help but approach each challenge from a holistic perspective; it is my nature. Therefore, while I will happily assist you with emergency one-off employment-cycle related needs, my goal is a longer term, holistic approach to my work with your organization.